Wesley United Methodist Church,
Hadley, Mass.

The people of WESLEY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH were prudent in their stewardship and planning to include in their design and construction of a new church building the relocation and refurbishment of the pipe organ that had served them in the North Pleasant Street sanctuary.

Actually, the history of this instrument begins in Boston in 1898 with its construction by Jesse Woodberry and Company as their Opus 162 for St. Thomas R. C. Church, Providence, R.I. In 1978, the Stuart Organ Company, of Aldenville, Mass., rebuilt the Woodberry chassis - as relocated through the Organ Clearing House, applied new casework, and incorporated pipework from both the Woodberry organ and from Wesley’s previous instrument, Estey organ Opus 437 built in Brattleboro in 1907, into a new tonal scheme for their Opus 20R, of 2 manuals and Pedals, 13 ranks of pipes, with mechanical action throughout. Our Firm is pleased and proud to have preserved this instrument for decades of future musical service by its relocation into the new sanctuary, with a new blower, with thorough mechanical refurbishment, and with tonal revoicing for the stunning new space, supported by outstanding acoustics!


    Stuart Organ Company, Aldenville, Massachusetts, Opus 20R, 1978,
2 manuals, 13 ranks, Mechanical action throughout; new Zephyr blower in 2006
    I. GREAT   61 notes (Unenclosed)
4 stops; 6 ranks
  1. Open Diapason 8' 61 pipes Bass en-façade  
  2. Bourdon 8' 61 "    
  3. Principal 4' 61 "    
  4. Mixture III 1-1/3' 183 "    
    II. SWELL   61 notes (Enclosed & Expressive)
4 stops; 5 ranks
  5. Stopped Diapason 8' 61 pipes    
  6. Night Horn 4' 61 "    
  7. Fifteenth 2' 61 "    
  8. Sesquialtera 2-2/3' 88 " From tenor C;
12th only for top 10 notes
  III. PEDAL   27 notes (Unenclosed)
2 stops; 2 ranks
  9. Sub Bass 16' 27 pipes    
  10. Choral Bass 4' 27 "    
  11. Great to Pedal          
  12. Swell to Pedal          
  13. Swell to Great          
  14. Tremulant        
    Architects for the new church were Juster Pope Frazier of Shelburne Falls (more recently relocated to Northampton), Kevin Chrobak principal architect. The new church was constructed by Dole Brothers Builders of Shelburne Falls, Mass., Billy Jubinville foreman. The Pastor of the Church is the Rev. Lyle Seger; the Music Director and Organist is Cathy Bennett.  


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